Empowered Healing for Chronic Pain Relief

“I never want my clients to be in crisis emotionally or terrible pain with no avenue for help.”
~ Elizabeth Waugh-Duford

Do you have chronic gut pain and feel like you’ve tried everything, but nothing works?

Doctors. Diets. Medication provides some relief but also side effects.

It’s scary to think the pain will never end. At times, you feel hopeless.

Here’s what most doctors don’t tell you: the cause of chronic pain is often past trauma or negative emotions.

And until you release these emotions, the pain won’t stop.

The good news is it’s possible. Anyone can release negative emotions using Reiki and crystal healing.

Even if you’ve been in pain for years.

Imagine a Safe Space Where You Could:

Relaxed woman breathing on beach with eyes closed and arms stretched out wide.

Elizabeth is truly invested in the personal growth of her clients.

“Elizabeth is extremely knowledgeable and is truly invested in the personal growth of her clients. Her classes are informative, her individual healing work is amazing, and her crystal products are awesome. I highly recommend Elizabeth and Crystal Path to Healing.”
Heather L.

Introducing Crystal-Clear Coaching

Reiki and Crystal Healing for Chronic Pain Relief

For a moment, just imagine your life with…

  • Fewer episodes of nausea, symptoms of IBS, and heartburn.
  • Food you love and finally enjoy eating again.
  • Increased energy and feeling more like yourself.
  • Being in a better place for your family and those you love.

You can heal! There IS hope.

Here’s how it works:
  1. We start with a conversation. You tell me your story. I promise to be there for you every step of the way. Even when it gets tough.
  2. I select crystals for you to amplify the energy of Reiki, so negative emotions shift faster for you.
  3. We have Reiki and crystal healing sessions once per week to get underneath the emotion or trauma causing your pain. Your pain lessens over time.
  4. Between healing sessions, we have 15-minute coaching calls to check in and address anything that’s come up.
  5. You learn self-care strategies to manage your pain on your own. (Yes, it’s possible!)

  • Unlimited text support, so you’re never alone.
  • Weekly affirmation texts to infuse positivity into your day.
  • Reduced prices on crystal workshops to deepen your learning.

You can start right now and finally find relief from pain – even if you feel hopeless.

I’m positive energy therapy has an impact because I’ve seen physical changes occur.

“I have been a massage therapist and energy healing practitioner for 30 years. At the same time, I've also been skeptical about energy work actually doing anything real that has an impact. Now I do an energy therapy that I am positive has an impact, because I've seen physical changes occur.”
Sandra L.

Still Have Questions? I've Got Answers...

Please still contact me. I offer one-off sessions to provide guidance on which crystals you should work with at home.

Reiki is a form of energy healing. It reduces stress and promotes healing by encouraging a healthy flow of energy. Certain crystals can amplify the energy of Reiki and make it more effective.

Once the healing starts, you’ll lie down, and I’ll tell you how to place the crystals on your body. Then I’ll send distance Reiki for 30 minutes. I’ll call or text at the end of that time to check in on how you’re doing.

To find relief, we need to get underneath the emotion or trauma causing your pain. And this process takes time. Also, once we resolve one issue, a new one may come up.

Results from Reiki and crystal healing vary by individual. The more negative emotions you release, the better you feel. Sometimes this happens quickly. Other times it takes longer.

Finding Relief and Getting Your Life Back Starts Today