Meet Elizabeth Waugh-Duford

The Story Behind Crystal Path to Healing:
A Safe Space to Heal Your Health and Your Heart.

You’re here because you’re overwhelmed by chronic gut pain and searching for a solution. You’ve tried everything to find relief, but nothing helps.

I get it. I suffered from constant nausea and irritable bowel syndrome for over 10 years.

I was unavailable for my family and felt like a terrible mom. I even quit my job as a social worker because I was too sick to work.

After months of searching for a solution, a friend suggested Reiki. As a believer in data and science, I was skeptical. But I was also desperate for relief and willing to try it.

The first time I received Reiki, I felt like Oh. My. Gosh.

Something shifted for me. Like I was releasing negative emotions my body had stored for years.

I also experimented with crystals by placing them on myself when I was doing Reiki or a meditation for pain. And I found the two approaches combined helped shift things faster.

Over time I had fewer symptoms. I had more energy and felt like I could enjoy eating for the first time in a LONG time. I was in a better place for my kids and started to feel like myself.

Now I’m a Reiki Master Healer in training and a Certified Crystal Master Healer. I help women suffering from pain find lasting relief. Plus empowerment to care for themselves.

I want you to know there IS hope. You can heal. Even if it doesn’t feel like it now.

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A Lifetime of Helping Others Feel Safe

I’m passionate about serving people in pain. It’s why I started my career as a social worker in 2001. During this time, my focus was helping traumatized people feel safe and secure.

Now I realize my work at the time didn’t get underneath my clients’ issues in the same way Reiki and crystal healing can. And, in many ways, starting Crystal Path to Healing is a natural outgrowth of being a social worker. 

I’m still helping people in pain feel safe. It’s just doing it in a different way. A way that brings lasting relief and empowerment.

How I Work...

Sphere shaped crystal placed on rock with colorful tapestry in background.
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Fun Facts About Me

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